A huge breakthrough in medicine: human guided nanorobots that are detecting, collecting and destroying virus cells. Become a medical engineer and control the nanorobots in human bodies. Be quick! Otherwise the virus will continue spreading in your patient’s body.


“… New cases of bio virus were detected in …”
“… Scientists predict this virus outbreak to be the deadliest plague in human history…”
“… Despite the worldwide quarantine more and more people fall with the virus…”
“… Humanity may lose in this bio war…”
“… Reportedly the long-awaited remedy to the latest virus was found!..”
“… New call for medical volunteers…”


Thank you for joining us! You will be honored for your courage and hard work! Let us tell you more about your duties.

You will have a patient who should be cured with the nanorobots. Use controller to lead the nanorobot. Detect and collect the virus cells and block them in the special area.

You should be quick and do everything in a limited time. Otherwise the virus continue spreading and we may lose this patient. Be careful!

And remember – we will stop the pandemic together!


See the patient’s body image on the main screen. The red and green areas indicate his health state at the moment.

Your goal is to make all his body image become green, which means that he’s 100% clean of the virus. Press Play to start the nanorobot session. You should collect all the virus cells using the nanorobot and block them in special area. Be quick and don’t let the virus spread further in the patient’s body. How to collect viruses:

Get closer to the virus cells with the nanobot. The virus cells will be connected to the nanobot automatically. Deliver it to the designated area. Don’t move too fast or the connection between the nanobot and the virus cell will be lost. When the virus cell is delivered to the area, it will be destroyed immediately.

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