City Real Estate Tycoon is a sim game, you have accumulated some money, ready to enter the real estate. There are a lot of open space in the city waiting for you to develop, the city’s housing prices will be affected by you, come and start your real estate giants journey.


  • From the edge of the city to the center of the city, you can build the building you want.
  • How to build your building, how much investment, what is the name, It’s all up to you.
  • The price is up to you, the price of the city will be influenced by you.
  • Even if the game is closed, your building will continue be built and sold.
  • Dig Bitcoin, spell it out, make a speech, and you simply earn “pocket money” with just a finger click.
  • Your son wants to be a successful investor, will you agree to sponsor him?
  • A large number of outstanding talents waiting for your interview, forminh a good team will help you make rapid development.
  • Compared with the global players, who will make more money, who is the real estate industry first.

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