You play as Rubicon: A long dormant military AI who’s found themselves reactivated in the body of a police android in a strange, empty city. You’ve been tasked with hunting down a rouge AI, but you soon find out this mystery runs much deeper than you were lead to believe.


your way through your former drone army, gone rogue. Play with dozens of unique and powerful futuristic weapons and gadgets inspired by the classic arsenals of games like Halo, Unreal and Quake. 


through precarious alien environments with an assortment of specialized movement abilities. Jump across bottomless pits, bound off of sheer walls and thrust yourself back to earth at speeds fast enough to be weaponized. Enhance your already impressive kit with a virility of gadgets like vertical dash jets, grappling hooks, teleportation grenades and even weapons that open up entire new ways of thinking about movement. 


the brave new worlds beyond alien gateways. Traverse the multiverse to uncover mysteries among ancient ruins, abandoned cities and mechanized hellscapes. Hunt down the truth behind these exotic lands and the fate of the people who once lived there.

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