Best bowling game on any platform! You’ve never bowled this way before! Take aim and roll in the greatest lanes you never dreamed possible! Put spin on your bowl! What?? It’s true. Sure, you still want to bowl 300. Sure, you want to experience the anticipation and smooth physics usually reserved for the local alley. Well, guess what, your wishes are granted – and then some!

  • Play multiplayer against up to five of your friends with pass-and-play ease
  • Realistic physics keep the action authentic and bowling alley real
  • Enjoy stunning graphics and a blazing soundtrack that knocks your bowling shoes off
  • Intuitive controls allow you to focus on the game, not the controls
  • Play fun challenges

Expand your game with four irresistible, fun and fabulous downloadable environments and five funky and fun downloadable ball packs including:

  1. Doc Holliday’s Summer Retreat
  2. Major Tom’s Space Odyssey
  3. Tiki Rain Forest
  4. Captain Ahab’s Belly of the Whale
  5. Graceland’s Hidden Playhouse

How can you possibly NOT play this bowling game? Seriously, it’s so awesome it’s not funny. Actually, it IS funny AND awesome.

Competitive Leaderboards, Worthwhile Achievements, Fun Goals!

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