It’s time to take a rest and have some fun in a little casino – welcome to Candy Bingo! It’s not a kind of gambling, but it’s a kind of sweet family game – maybe the best way to spend your free evening with people you love! Do you remember good old days, when every sunday families watched bingo on tv? Feel this nostalgic atmosphere with our new bingo game!


  • First of all you, you’ll get bingo-cards with numbers.
  • Then you will see balls on the screen.
  • If number on a ball and on your card are equal, touch the card to strike our this number.
  • The goal of the game is to strike out all the numbers in the card.
  • You can rely only on your luck, so don’t lose your patience and enjoy the game!

Candy Bingo features:

  • Statistics showing your progress
  • Funny sounds as soundtrack
  • Sweet candy design
  • Special for all the sweet tooth
  • Perfect game for parties with friends or family
  • Play game everyday and get your daily bonus

Your intellect doesn’t matter, so everyone can play this game.
It’s time to test your luck in the world most famous casino game – Candy Bingo!
Show everyone, that you are the best player and lucky person!

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