Do brainstorming to free blocked red block in the container.

The square box is stacked with many wooden building blocks of various sizes. Your task is to slide the wooden or building blocks to unblock me.

The ublock is blocked inside a square container and you need to get it out. This is a very popular classic solitaire puzzle that people love to play when they want to relax and play some light games.

However, the later levels are quite challenging and you will need to try several times before you succeed in getting the wooden chunk out. If you’ve ever played other types of slider games, you will realize that some levels are easier than the others and some are very challenging, even though the difficulty level might be the same.

The key is to keep trying and never give up! Your task is simple to just free the blocked chunk and solve this blocking puzzle.


  • A version of a popular classic solitaire & puzzle solving game for every age. 
  • Slide the building chunks in the square box to move the red ublock out of the box. 
  • Try to win the level with the least move as possible.
  • Move the slide and try to get as many stars as possible
  • 4 levels of difficulty in this amaze game: Beginner, Advanced, Master, and Expert
  • Each level have a different section of the level
  • Addictive and challenging bar slider wood puzzle.dsUnblock

A container is a very replayable game, means it is very fun to replay the levels.

Why should I replay these sliding wood puzzles? You should replay the levels to see if you can solve it with a lesser amount of moves and get more stars.

The more stars you have, the more levels you can unlock. After all, if you can’t complete the levels in low difficulty level, you won’t be able to complete the levels at the Expert level. The task is simple i.e. just free the blocked wooden chunk. Play it to get a good mental workout.

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