Memetown USA is a short, tongue-in-cheek roleplaying game about saving the world from a dangerous church trying to destroy the universe. The game is usually 2D, but it also has some spicy 3D cutscenes showcased in the trailer below. Memetown USA may be small in scope, but it makes up for it with intense AAA quality meme material.


  • An epic story that spans dozens of minutes, possibly even hours if you’re slow.
  • An in-game computer packed with crazy meme-editing software and an entire in-game internet.
  • Deep-fried cutscenes.
  • A built-in online service for sharing memes with other players.
  • Frog-themed boss battles.
  • An original soundtrack inspired by the greatest meme songs of our generation.
  • Multiple volumes of meme scripture, including Holy Bible 2 and Duderonomy 420.


Welcome to Memetown, a typical city in every way except one: memes. Memes are a way of life in Memetown. Memes are everywhere. Memes are products. Memes are people. Memes are religion. Especially religion. In fact, something about the church seems a little suspicious. Maybe it’s worth checking out…

Recently there have been rumors of a dangerous cult residing in the woods near Memetown. Maybe they know something we don’t…

The amount of effort required to make this game far exceeded the value of the end result.

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