Pure, authentic and relaxing color game. Just one mechanics – Click & Drag, Create a shape from random blocks!

-The classic Rubik’s cube logic is now available in TWO dimensions.
-Slide the block rows and columns and recreate the given pattern to win.
-While it may seem trivial at first, this game has some twists.

SLOC – It should be the best contemporary stress reduction and brain teaser game. Use a simple but interesting idea with a pure and relaxing game to tease your brain and an intelligent combination of colors and sounds: Click & Drag the block, Create a shape from random blocks!.

Easy? At first it may seem more difficult, but when your brain starts to develop a strategy to solve puzzles, this exciting game becomes very relaxing and strangely funny.

Users who played it! Describe it as a addictive Zen game, but perfect for concentration and mental focus. No tension or pressure.

SLOC – A Colorful Rubik Puzzle Game

Frequent questions

How to play Sloc ?

Click and drag your finger in horizontal or vertical direction (up, down, left and right). See how the block moves and remember things which leave the screen always come back from the other end. Make a beautiful shape shown above the play area (a.k.a target image) from random blocks and experience the colorful relaxing experience.

If you think you’ve done something wrong, click the Restart button present at the bottom of the screen.

Currently there are two puzzle size : 3×3 and 4×4

How many levels are there?

Infinite, why not?

Are you searching for a brain training game?
This game will train your brain. It is the best brain training game with beautiful game play.

Play this minimalist colorful Rubik cube puzzle game | SLOC | and let us know your comments on this game. We appreciate your comments.

Concept, development, design and copyright: CE Games

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