Premium Benefits

Start with 3,000 soul stones

Characteristics of the game

  1. Living and breathing battle: Just standing at the appointed spot and cutting is not enough! Enjoy a small and cute but dynamic battle lively!
  2. Strategic battle: Identify the characteristics of various heroes and equipments and place them where you want them. Let’s turn the tide of the battle with your own strategy!
  3. Over one hundred heroes: Let’s identify the characteristics of various heroes who are full of personality and raise them. The heroes who have grown up with great effort will never betray us!
  4. Thousands of items: Collect, combine, and reinforce a variety of powerful items to put wings on my hero!
  5. Fun of Farming: If you are good at farming, you can get all weapons and all heroes! Farming today! Farming tomorrow, again!

Recommended point

  • Easy operation (Tap Tap Tap), hottest battle action!
  • Fun game!
  • Challenge tower Defense!
  • 16 vs 50↑ fight! – Monster Hunting, Boss Raid
  • You like to grow party & hero!
  • You can enjoy this game even idle play type!
  • Various weapons, Various heroes, Various monsters, Various game modes
  • End of the idle RPG

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