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In HyperBrawl, the greatest heroes have been assembled to take part in a secret tournament that separates the best of the best and will determine a new era for the universe. Each match is a 2v2, fast-paced 90 second round that fuse no-rules American Football with weapons and brawling melee action. The game takes place in different arenas spread across space and time. Learn how to wield the power of the HyperForce to outscore your opponents and find out if you have what it takes to be the next protector of the universe

Play on your own, go up against friends online or in couch play. Or take on the world in one of HyperBrawl Tournament’s game modes: throw yourself into the single-player Campaign, Galaxy League and Cosmic Cup, or prove yourself in multiplayer action in Blitz mode.


  • 8 heroes each with unique skills, attributes and classes, from Swift, Core and Tank.
  • 9 distinct arenas each loaded up with savagely dynamic obstacles, from portals, risers to moving floors.
  • 8 game changing weapons! Wield the earth-shattering Hammer, bring your opponents closer with the Grapple Claw , or rain hell from above with the Boost Bomber!
  • Assemble your team, try out different hero and weapon combos and combat strategies to create an unbeatable play-style – there are a total of 4000+ possible hero and weapon combinations!
  • Finesse your play with HyperCurve and channel the HyperForce to obliterate the competition.
  • HyperBrawl Tournament Game Modes:
  • CAMPAIGN – Challenge for glory in the single-player Galaxy League and then prove yourself further to win the Cosmic Cup.
  • BLITZ – Compete online with players across the world for the ultimate accolade – ‘The HyperBrawl Champion!’ The higher the win streak you achieve, then the greater the rewards.
  • TRAINING – Complete The Trials and Advanced Training to prepare for the challenge ahead. Learn the basics and master the advanced controls to prove you are a worthy competitor.
  • Customise your hero with unique hero and weapon skins, goal blazes and ball trails.
  • As fun to watch as it is to play, HyperBrawl Tournament is the perfect, super competitive, party game.

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