Welcome to the contested area of space at the crossing of borders of 3 space superpowers. After the great war between the civilizations of humans, reptiloids and insectoids, the borders were redefined, and only one cluster of space remained without clear status, as each of three races continues to claim it.

As a result, this region became an area of never-ending war, attracting not only regular military, but also mercenaries and adventurers of all kinds. Three distinguished heroes, each with his or her own story, came into this region as well. Choose one of them and start fighting for your cause!

Key features:

– Deathmatch mechanic with leaderboard;
– Two kinds of weapons and shield to prolong this miserable existence a bit;
– 3 heroes of each race to choose from;
– Sophisticated upgrade system: enhance all systems of your spaceship and gain new spaceship, even more versatile!
– Nostalgic visual style of old arcade space shooters.

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