Planet of Mubu is a top-down puzzle with elements of shooter and runner in the green alien civilization setting. The combination of challenging puzzles and crazy shootouts will not let you get bored, and high-speed races will diversify your gameplay. Explore the alien planet, discover all secret places, collect every bonus and get a reward!

Conquer the Planet of Mubu!

Planet of Mubu is the one of the greenest planets in the galaxy. High-tech civilization Mubu owns and protecting it for ages.

You have a team of five alien invaders. They arrived from far space to the Planet of Mubu to conquer it and get a lot of different resources. Find out how will war between ancient civilization and merciless aliens in the game Planet of Mubu!


  • Every alien hero have a special ability. Use them to solve puzzles and overcome all obstacles!
  • World Planet of Mubu hides a lot of mystery places and secret bonuses. Find then all and get a reward!
  • Seven locations for every taste


  • The world of Planet of Mubu has been drawn with only 12 colors.
  • All basic objects have a smooth animation.
  • Soft color palette will help you to relieve stress.


  • Great guitar soundtrack with chiptune elements.

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