In an impressive vertical side scrolling shooter gameplay, you’ll be responsible of the triple heroes called Wonder Knights and their adventure. As one of the best shooting games this year, this arcader assures hours and hours of amazing fun, packed into stunning graphics, unique and thrilling artwork, great amount of upgrades, weapons and battle shot moments that will excite you to the fullest. It combines sword battle with archery, bomb and weapon shooting against tons of unpredictable monsters, enemies and bosses.


You’ll be impressed by the graphics and artwork in this arcade game. Wonder Knights is all about tiny details, creative characters, simply artwork that is unseen before in a vertical scrolling shooting game. Just explore, shoot and enjoy!


Your 3 heroes are powerful, especially if you upgrade them as the game progresses. However, the game has tons of nail-baiting moments and battles that will require great skill and full attention! Some monsters and bosses are extremely hard to beat. Find ways and use the right weapons to win with the 3 heroes!


What makes Wonder Knights exciting are its monster shoot and adventure shoot missions. Follow the mission dashboard and execute the missions to earn more upgrades. Collect coins in the battles so you can make your heroes more powerful. Explore different worlds with unique enemies and bosses and feel the real excitement.

Classic arcade vertical scrolling shooter inspired gameplay

  • Control 3 heroes at once!
  • Dodge enemy projectiles and shoot!

Characters with different roles

  • Place the tank in the front and range dps in the back!
  • Characters have variety of unique skills that make more strategic gameplay!

Monsters and traps with variety of skills and effects

  • Monsters that does AoE damage
  • Monsters casting chain of lighting that chains to other monsters
  • Slime monsters that divides themselves into smaller ones when they die
  • Skeleton monsters that wakes up when touched by player
  • A giant rock trap that activates when touched by player
  • Lots of others

Battle with giant boss monsters

  • Learn the distinct battle pattern of boss monsters to fight against them!
  • The boss battle has phases with difficulty rising after each phase!

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