We have seen our communities come together in recent months as we unlocked quest, raid, and adventure area content to all players, and we are excited to make an announcement today that you’ll want to read.

We would like to thank you for supporting us! To start, players can continue to enjoy all of our quests, raids, and expansion content for free through August 31st, 2020. We would also like to provide a way for you to move forward with your gaming when our event eventually comes to an end, so in the coming days we will be providing a Coupon Code that will let you acquire all currently-available adventure packs permanently on your account(s)! However, you will need to act quickly, as this Coupon Code is available to redeem through August 31st, 2020.

The coupon code grants the following quest packs:

  • The Devil’s Gambit
  • Trials of the Archons
  • The Temple of Elemental Evil
  • Heart of Madness
  • Haunted Halls of Eveningstar
  • Shadow Under Thunderholme
  • The High Road of Shadow
  • The Druid’s Deep
  • Devil Assault
  • Three-Barrel Cove
  • Secrets of the Artificers
  • Vaults of the Artificers
  • Phiarlan Carnival
  • The Catacombs
  • The Sharn Syndicate
  • Delera’s Tomb
  • The Demon Sands
  • The Dreaming Dark
  • Attack on Stormreach
  • The Necropolis, Part 1
  • The Necropolis, Part 2
  • The Necropolis, Part 3
  • The Necropolis, Part 4
  • The Path of Inspiration
  • The Reaver’s Reach
  • The Restless Isles
  • The Ruins of Gianthold
  • The Ruins of Threnal
  • Sentinels of Stormreach
  • Shan-to-Kor
  • The Devils of Shavarath
  • Sorrowdusk Isle
  • The Red Fens
  • Harbinger of Madness
  • Tangleroot Gorge
  • The Vale of Twilight
  • The Vault of Night
  • Reign of Madness
  • Against the Slave Lords
  • Dragonblood Prophecy
  • The Mines of Tethyamar
  • Disciples of Rage
  • White Plume Mountain & Other Tales
  • The Soul Splitter
  • Keep on the Borderlands
  • The Lost Gatekeepers

Additionally, we will be conducting a sale on two of our expansions in the DDO Store! When the sale is active, players will be able to pick up the quests included in Menace of the Underdark and The Shadowfell Conspiracy for 99 DDO Points. Stay tuned for exact timing on the sale.

We are also announcing an update to our VIP program! VIPs will be getting a permanent +1% XP boost for every member in their party other than themselves and hirelings, up to a maximum of 5%. This boost stacks with other bonuses, and works the same as our long-running weekend Buddy Boost bonuses.

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