Guess & Find PRO is a combination of guessing and word search game, in which you must guess what word is explained by the definition and then you must try to find this word on the board of letters! Will you make it into TOP20 highscores?

Don’t want to play under pressure of time limit? Then check out our relax mode!


  • Original word search guessing game for all ages
  • 2 game modes – Challenge and Relax
  • Submit and review points of other people (no registration)
  • Learn new English words (vocabulary) and their definitions in an entertaining and challenging way
  • No ads, no In-App purchases
  • Hundreds of English words included


  • There will be a word definition shown on the screen and a hidden word above it.
  • Guess what word belongs to the definition and then try to find the word on the board of letters! (Simply move your finger over the letters to create words).
  • If you need a help with guessing the word, you can use 3 hints, just tap on a PLUS button next to the hidden word. For each hint used you lose 15-20-25 points/seconds.
  • For each found word you get 25 points.
  • Complete all 10 rounds with the best score possible!

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